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New Wavy Cat Scratcher Board Leads the Pet Supplies Market

June 17, 2024

  • Recently, a new wavy cat scratcher board made from corrugated cardboard has gained significant attention in the pet supplies market. This cat scratcher board stands out not only for its unique design but also for the numerous advantages of its wavy structure, providing cats with a more comfortable and enjoyable scratching experience.

  • Unique Advantages of Wavy Design

  • Aligns with Cats' Natural Instincts

  • The wavy design aligns with cats' natural scratching habits. Cats naturally prefer to scratch on uneven surfaces, and the wavy structure provides multi-angled and multi-layered scratching surfaces, catering to their need for different scratching angles. This not only effectively protects household furniture but also allows cats to have more fun while scratching.

  • Promotes Exercise and Health

  • The wavy cat scratcher board serves not only as a scratching tool but also as a playground for cats. Cats can climb up and down the wavy surface, jump, and explore, thereby achieving physical exercise. This design helps cats maintain a healthy body shape and reduces obesity issues caused by lack of exercise.

  • Psychological Satisfaction

  • The wavy structure also provides psychological satisfaction for cats. Scratching brings joy and relaxation to cats, and the diversity of the wavy cat scratcher board prevents monotony and boredom during use, helping to alleviate anxiety and stress in cats.

  • High Durability

  • Made from corrugated cardboard, the scratcher is not only eco-friendly and recyclable but also highly durable. The wavy design ensures that the scratcher board remains stable under the force of scratching, preventing deformation or damage, thus extending its lifespan.


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