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New Corrugated Cardboard Modular Slope Cat Scratcher Launched, the Ideal Companion for Cats

June 17, 2024

  • Recently, an innovatively designed cat scratcher has been officially launched. This cat scratcher is made from high-quality corrugated cardboard, which is both eco-friendly and durable. The design is full of thoughtful details, not only meeting the scratching needs of cats but also bringing more fun and convenience.

  • Features a Bell, Adding Fun

  • To enhance the cat's play experience, this cat scratcher has a special feature: a bell. When cats scratch, the bell emits a clear, crisp sound that stimulates their interest and increases interaction. The inclusion of the bell not only keeps cats more engaged in scratching but also brings more joy to the owners. Each time the cat plays, it feels like a cheerful melody is being performed.

  • Slope Design, Aligning with Cat’s Nature

  • A standout feature of this cat scratcher is its unique slope design. The sloped structure aligns with cats' natural instincts, making scratching more comfortable and satisfying for them. The slope not only provides scratching fun but also serves as a play and rest area. Cats can climb up and down the slope, enjoying various activities, thus exercising their bodies while having fun.

  • Modular and Detachable, Flexible and Versatile

  • Another major advantage of this cat scratcher is its modular and detachable design. Whether used individually or combined, it meets different environmental and spatial needs. Users can flexibly adjust the combination of the cat scratcher according to their home settings, enriching the cat’s activity area. The detachable design also makes cleaning and moving more convenient, ensuring ease of daily use.


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