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The difference between white kraft paper and kraft paper

September 26, 2023

White kraft paper and kraft paper are two different paper products, the main differences between them are color and purpose. Here's how they differ:


1. Color:

     Kraft Paper: Typically a brown or light brown paper, named for its color resemblance to kraft leather. This paper often has a rough texture.

     White kraft paper: Unlike traditional kraft paper, white kraft paper is white. It can be pure white or have a subtle creamy tint.


2. Purpose:

     Kraft Paper: Commonly used for packaging, stuffing, protecting and wrapping items. Popular for its sturdiness and durability, it can be used to make packaging bags, boxes, mailing envelopes, handicrafts, and more.

     White kraft paper: Like kraft paper, white kraft paper is also used for packaging and filling, but due to its white appearance, it may be more suitable in some cases for product packaging that requires a clean, bright appearance, such as gift packaging, food packaging, etc.


In summary, there are differences in color and appearance between white kraft paper and kraft paper, but they are both versatile paper products that can be used to package and protect a variety of items. Which paper you choose depends on your specific needs and the desired look and color.


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