What glue to use for paper corner protectors

What glue to use for paper corner protectors?

September 25, 2023

Paper corner guards are usually made with special glue or adhesive to ensure they are firmly bonded and able to withstand a certain amount of weight and pressure. Here are some common types of glue used to make paper corner guards:


1. Hot melt glue: Hot melt glue is a common type of glue used to make paper corner guards. It liquefies when hot and then solidifies quickly when cooled. This allows the paper corner protectors to be bonded quickly and is suitable for efficient production lines.


2. Water-based glue: Some paper corner protectors may use water-based glue, which requires a certain amount of time to dry and solidify after application. It is often an environmentally friendly choice because it does not contain harmful solvents.


3. Double-sided tape: Some paper corner guards are pre-made and they may be fixed to the package using double-sided tape or self-adhesive tape. This method is simple and convenient and requires no additional glue.


4. Special adhesive: For the special needs of paper corner protectors, special adhesives, such as pressure-sensitive glue or glue with high viscosity, can also be used to ensure that the paper corner protectors can be firmly attached to the packaging.


The exact glue used depends on the design of the paper corner protectors, the production process and the packaging material to which they are attached. Typically, when producing paper corner guards, manufacturers select a glue type that suits their process and product performance needs, and ensure that it provides a strong bond. If you need to make your own paper corner guards, it is recommended to consult a professional glue supplier for recommendations on glue suitable for your application.


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