What are the common shapes of paper corner protectors

What are the common shapes of paper corner protectors?

September 21, 2023

Paper corner protectors are important packaging materials used to protect the corners of packaging boxes and cartons from damage and extrusion. They often come in different shapes and designs to suit various packaging needs. Here are some common paper corner protector shapes:


1. Right-angled paper corner protectors: This is the most common shape of paper corner protectors, usually at right angles or approximately right angles. They fit most square or rectangular boxes and provide good corner protection.


2. V-shaped paper corner protectors: V-shaped paper corner protectors are V-shaped, suitable for packaging boxes with sharp angles, and can better adapt to the shape of the packaging box.


3. U-shaped paper corner protectors: U-shaped paper corner protectors are U-shaped and are usually used to protect the corners of round or oval packaging boxes.


4. L-shaped paper corner protector: L-shaped paper corner protector is L-shaped. One side is attached to one side of the packaging box, and the other side covers the corner of the packaging box, providing additional protection.


5. Round paper corner protectors: This kind of paper corner protectors is round, suitable for packaging of round or tubular items, and provides uniform corner protection.


6. Curved paper corner protectors: Curved paper corner protectors are in a curved shape and can be bent according to the needs of the packaging box, providing flexible protection.


7. Double-layer paper corner protectors: This paper corner protector consists of two layers of cardboard, providing a higher level of protection and suitable for heavy-duty or vulnerable packaging.


8. Self-adhesive paper corner protectors: With adhesive on one side, they can be easily fixed on the packaging box, providing extra stability and protection.


The choice of paper corner protectors depends on the shape, weight, transportation method and protection needs of the box. Different shapes of paper corner protectors can provide different levels of protection to ensure that products are not damaged during transportation and storage.


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