stretch film

What is the main purpose of stretch film

August 11, 2023

Stretch film is a kind of elastic plastic film that can fix, protect and wrap goods by stretching and wrapping objects. It has a wide range of uses in various fields, here are some common uses:


1. Packaging protection: Stretch film can be used to wrap the goods to form a tight protective layer to prevent dust, moisture, pollutants and other harmful factors from damaging the goods. It plays a role in protecting the goods during transportation and storage.


2. Fixed and stable: Stretch film can firmly fix multiple goods or goods on pallets together to prevent goods from moving, swinging or tilting during transportation, thereby reducing the risk of goods damage.


3. Anti-theft and anti-counterfeiting: The use of transparent stretch film can effectively prevent others from opening the goods without authorization, and play the role of anti-theft and anti-counterfeiting. Anyone can clearly see if the stretch film has been damaged.


4. Bundling and packaging: Stretch film can be used to bundle a batch of goods, so that the goods are more neat and compact, and convenient for handling, storage and transportation.


5. Moisture-proof and waterproof: Some stretch films are waterproof and moisture-proof, so they can be used in humid environments to protect goods from moisture and moisture.


6. Freshness preservation and heat preservation: Some special types of stretch films can be used for food packaging, which have the functions of freshness preservation and heat preservation, and help to extend the shelf life of food.


7. Arts and Crafts: Stretch film can also be used in creative arts and crafts, such as making decorations, sculptures, etc.


Overall, stretch films play an important role in packaging, transporting, storing and protecting goods and are therefore widely used in various industries and environments.


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