stretch film

Can the stretch film be moisture-proof?

August 09, 2023

Stretch film can be used for moisture protection. Stretch film, also known as stretch film or packaging film, is usually made of plastic materials such as polyethylene, which has a certain waterproof performance and can prevent moisture penetration to a certain extent, thus playing the role of moisture resistance. It is often used in scenarios such as wrapping items, pallet packaging, and transportation protection, and can help prevent moisture, moisture, and humidity from corroding packaged items.


However, it should be noted that the moisture resistance of stretch film may be affected by the quality, thickness, method of use and environmental conditions of the material. When using stretch film for moisture-proof packaging, the following points can also be considered:


1. Packaging airtightness: Make sure that the seal is complete when the stretch film wraps the item, leaving no gaps to prevent moisture from penetrating.


2. Environmental conditions: When using stretch film in a humid environment, it may be necessary to take additional moisture-proof measures, such as adding a hygroscopic agent around the packaged items.


3. Types of packaging items: Different types of items have different requirements for moisture resistance, and the appropriate stretch film material and thickness should be selected according to the specific situation.


4. How to use: Use proper packaging methods and techniques to ensure that the stretch film can tightly wrap the items to achieve moisture-proof effect.


Whilst stretch film provides some protection against moisture penetration, if a higher level of moisture protection is required, especially in humid environments, it may be necessary to combine it with other moisture-resistant materials or packaging methods to ensure the safety and quality of the packaged items.


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