honeycomb paperboard

Production process of special-shaped honeycomb paperboard

July 21, 2023

Special-shaped honeycomb paperboard, also known as honeycomb panels, is a type of lightweight and strong structural material commonly used in various industries, including packaging, construction, automotive, and aerospace. The production process of special-shaped honeycomb paperboard involves several key steps. Here's a general overview of the process:


1. Raw Materials Preparation:

   - Paper: The primary raw material used in honeycomb paperboard production is kraft paper or other types of paperboard. The paper may be single or double-sided, depending on the desired properties of the final product.

   - Adhesive: Water-based or thermosetting adhesive is used to bond the paper layers and create the honeycomb structure.


2. Paper Stacking:

   - The selected paper is stacked in a specific pattern to create a series of parallel accordion-like folds. The folded paper resembles a honeycomb structure, with hexagonal cells.


3. Adhesive Application:

   - The adhesive is applied to the paper stacks to bond the layers together and form a stable honeycomb core.


4. Pressing and Curing:

   - The adhesive-coated paper stacks are pressed together under high pressure to ensure proper bonding and uniformity of the honeycomb structure.

   - Some production processes may require curing or drying the honeycomb structure in ovens or using other methods to strengthen the bond between paper layers.


5. Trimming and Cutting:

   - The honeycomb structure is cut and trimmed to the desired dimensions and shape based on the specific application requirements. Special-shaped honeycomb paperboard can be customized to fit various designs and purposes.


6. Lamination (Optional):

   - In some cases, additional layers of paper, fiberglass, or other materials may be laminated onto the honeycomb core to create composite panels with specific characteristics, such as increased strength or fire resistance.


7. Finishing:

   - The finished honeycomb paperboard panels may undergo surface treatment, such as painting, coating, or printing, to enhance their appearance and performance.


The production process can vary slightly depending on the specific type of honeycomb paperboard being manufactured and the intended application. High-quality honeycomb paperboard offers excellent strength-to-weight ratios, making it a versatile material used in lightweight structures and packaging solutions.


Please note that there might be variations in the production process based on the manufacturer's proprietary techniques and the specific properties required for the end product.


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