Green Innovation! Paper Trays Transform Urban Logistics

Paper Tray: An Eco-Friendly Alternative

April 29, 2024
  • With the increasing awareness of environmental protection and the widespread adoption of sustainable development concepts, paper trays are gradually becoming a new alternative to traditional plastic trays. This lightweight and eco-friendly tray is not only widely used in the catering industry but also favored by the retail and logistics sectors.

  • Over the past few years, plastic trays have been a common tool in restaurants and fast-food outlets. However, as the issue of plastic pollution becomes increasingly prominent, people are seeking alternatives. Paper trays have become the preferred choice due to their biodegradable nature and environmental advantages. Compared to traditional plastic trays, paper trays not only reduce environmental impact but also provide a good user experience, with sufficient load-bearing capacity and durability to meet daily needs.

  • In addition to their application in the catering industry, paper trays are also gradually making their way into the retail and logistics sectors. In the retail industry, disposable paper trays can serve as alternatives to shopping bags, providing customers with a more convenient and environmentally friendly shopping experience. In the logistics field, the lightweight and easy-to-handle nature of paper trays make them an ideal choice for transporting and storing goods, while also reducing logistics costs.


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