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Do paper products need to be fumigated by sea?

August 10, 2023

Sea shipments of paper products may require fumigation in some cases, depending on factors such as the type of paper product being transported, the regulatory requirements of the country of origin and destination, and the International Plant Protection Standard (ISPM 15). Here is some relevant information:


1. ISPM 15 standard: ISPM 15 is an international plant protection standard designed to prevent the spread of harmful organisms in wood packaging materials. According to this standard, many countries require that wood packaging materials must be fumigated or heat-treated to kill pests and pathogens in them. Paper products may be packed in wooden pallets, wooden boxes, etc. If these wood packaging materials meet the ISPM 15 standard, fumigation or heat treatment may be required.


2. Regulatory requirements: Different countries and regions may have different regulations and requirements for sea transportation of paper products. Some countries may require paper products to be fumigated to ensure that pests are not introduced during transport.


3. Type of cargo: Some paper products may come into contact with plant material, eg cardboard, carton etc. may come into contact with wood. Fumigation may be required if these paper products present a risk of pest spread during transport.


4. Destination country: If the destination country of the paper product has fumigation requirements for wood packaging material, then the related paper product may also need to be fumigated.


In general, although paper products themselves do not need to be fumigated, paper products involving wood packaging materials may need to comply with international plant protection standards and regulatory requirements of relevant countries during sea transportation. If you plan to ship paper products or any other merchandise by sea, it is important to check the requirements of the destination country with the relevant authorities or logistics company before departure.


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