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What should be paid attention to when storing paper products

September 07, 2023

Storing paper products requires attention to a few key points to ensure they retain their quality and last for a long time. Here's what to look out for when storing paper products:


1. Avoid humidity and moisture: Paper products are susceptible to moisture, so they should be stored in a dry environment. Avoid placing paper near water or in damp locations to prevent moisture damage.


2. Protect from direct sunlight: Ultraviolet rays in sunlight can cause paper to yellow and fade. Therefore, try to store paper products out of direct sunlight, or use windows with UV filters to mitigate the effects of UV rays.


3. Keep the temperature stable: large changes in temperature may adversely affect the paper. Try to store paper products in a stable temperature environment and avoid exposure to extreme temperatures.


4. Avoid contact with acidic substances: Avoid contacting paper products with acidic materials, because acidic substances will cause paper to yellow and corrode. Acid-free cardboard or closed storage containers can be used to protect paper products.


5. Use acid-free storage materials: If you need to use folders, boxes or bags to store paper products, make sure they are acid-free to prevent a chemical reaction with the paper.


6. Handle gently: Be gentle when handling paper products and avoid folding, bending or tearing. Handle the paper with dry hands and clean tools to reduce the risk of stains and damage.


7. Regular inspection and turning: Inspect paper products regularly to make sure they are not fading, yellowing, brittle or otherwise damaged. If possible, periodically turn or move stored documents to distribute stress and reduce potential damage.


8. Marking and Classification: Mark and classify paper products for easy finding and management. Organize files using tags, folders, or a classification system.


9. Avoid pests and molds: Keep the place where paper products are stored clean to avoid the growth of insects and molds. Consider using pest and mold control methods if possible.


10. Backup and Digitization: Consider backing up and digitizing important documents and files. This way, even if the original paper products are damaged, you can still access electronic copies of them.


Depending on the type of paper product and storage needs, different precautions may be required. But overall, maintaining proper environmental conditions and gentle handling are key to protecting paper products.


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