paper corner protector to dry

Why do paper corner protectors need to be dried

September 05, 2023

The main reason paper corner protectors need to be aired is to ensure that they are dry and cured. A paper corner is an angled or L-shaped paper product used to protect and reinforce paper, cardboard or packaging material, usually made of pulp or cardboard. Here are a few important reasons why paper corner guards need to dry:


1. Moisture Evaporation: In the process of making paper corner protectors, it is usually necessary to add moisture or adhesives to make the pulp or board soft and formable. During the drying process, the paper corners are exposed to the air and the moisture begins to evaporate. This process helps remove added moisture, allowing the paper corners to dry gradually.


2. Strength and hardness: Drying helps the paper corner guards become harder and stronger. By removing moisture, the fibrous structure of the paper corner protector is tightly connected, giving it enough strength to withstand the pressure and impact of packaging and shipping.


3. Prevent mold and rot: If the paper corner protectors are not sufficiently dried, moisture may remain in them, which facilitates the growth of bacteria and fungi, which may lead to mold, rot and deterioration. Drying helps kill bacteria and fungus and prevents these problems from happening.


4. Reduce the volatilization of the adhesive: If the adhesive is used in the paper corner protector, the drying process can also help the adhesive to fully cure. This helps to reduce volatilization and migration of the adhesive during the packaging process, ensuring the performance and stability of the paper corner protector.


5. Improve the quality of printing and coating: If there is printing or coating on the corner of the paper, drying can ensure the quality of these printing and coating. Wet paper corner protectors may not be suitable for printing or coating as moisture may affect the adhesion and quality of the ink or paint.


In summary, drying is a vital step in the manufacturing of paper corners, and it helps to ensure that the paper corners are dry, strong, durable and meet quality standards. This is a critical step to ensure that paper corner protectors can effectively perform their functions in packaging, transportation and storage.


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