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What are the types of paper corner protectors?

August 24, 2023

Paper corner protector is a kind of packaging material used to protect, strengthen and prevent items from being damaged during transportation and storage. According to different needs and applications, paper corner guards can come in many types. Here are some common types of paper corner guards:


1. L-shaped paper corner: This is the most common type of paper corner, in the shape of an "L". They are often used to protect the edges and corners of box-like items.


2. U-shaped paper corner protector: This kind of paper corner protector is in the shape of "U", which is suitable for the situation where the four corners of the article need to be protected. They can provide more comprehensive protection.


3. Rounded Paper Corner: This type of paper corner is suitable for situations where corners of items need to be protected but the edges are not too sharp. Rounded paper corner protectors can mitigate damage to items.


4. Folded Paper Corners: These paper corners can be folded into different shapes and angles to fit items of different shapes and sizes. They have greater flexibility.


5. Self-adhesive paper corner protector: This type of paper corner protector is attached with adhesive on the inner side, which can be easily attached to the item without using glue or tape.


6. Waterproof/moisture-resistant paper corner protectors: These paper corner protectors are specially treated to be waterproof or moisture-proof, suitable for situations where they need to be used in humid environments.


7. Custom printed paper corners: Custom printing can be done on paper corners, such as company logos, warning messages or handling guidelines, to meet specific packaging needs.


8. Reusable Paper Corner Protectors: These paper corner protectors are made of durable materials that can maintain their protective function through multiple uses, helping to reduce resource waste.


9. Eco-friendly paper corner protectors: Use paper corner protectors made from biodegradable or recycled materials to help reduce your environmental impact.


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