paper corner protective tissue

What is the material of paper corner protective tissue?

October 24, 2023

Paper corner guards, also known as paper corner guards or paper corner guards, are usually made of paper and are used to strengthen and protect the packaging of goods. It is mainly used during packaging, transportation and storage to prevent goods from being damaged or squeezed. The materials of paper corner guards can vary, but are usually the following common types:


1. Cardboard (paper material): The most common paper corner protector is usually made of cardboard, which can be kraft cardboard, cardboard or other paper materials. Cardboard corner guards provide high rigidity and compression resistance and are suitable for heavier goods and packaging.


2. Pulp: Some corner protective papers are made from pressed and processed paper pulp, which is usually lighter and suitable for packaging of light goods.


3. Composite materials: Some corner wraps may be made from composite materials, such as cardboard combined with plastic film, to provide additional waterproof or tear-resistant properties.


4. Recycled paper: Environmental awareness continues to grow, so many corner protectors now use recycled paper materials to reduce dependence on natural resources.


The choice of paper corner protector material often depends on the weight of the packaged goods, transport conditions, the level of protection required and sustainability considerations. Regardless of the material used, the main function of paper corner protectors is to reinforce the corners of the goods to prevent damage or extrusion, thereby protecting the integrity of the goods. This is important to prevent deformation of the box or movement of goods during stacking or transportation.


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