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Commonly used raw materials for paper corner protectors

August 17, 2023

Paper corner protectors are usually made of cardboard or pulp to protect and reinforce the corners of products. These corners are often used during packaging and shipping to prevent damage to the corners of the product. The following are some common paper corner protector raw materials:


1. Cardboard: Paper corner guards can be made from pressed or cut cardboard. The cardboard is made of multiple layers of paper pulp, which has a certain strength and rigidity, and can provide corner protection.


2. Pulp: Paper corner protectors can also be made of pulp, which is a mixture of fibers after beating and processing, which has certain strength and plasticity. Pulp can be formed into paper corner protectors through molding, pressing and other processes.


3. Recycled paper: Paper corner protectors can be made of recycled paper, that is, paper made from recycled waste paper. Recycled paper is an environmentally friendly option that helps reduce the need for fresh pulp.


4. Special treatment: Some paper corner protectors may undergo special treatment, such as waterproof treatment, coating treatment, etc., to enhance their durability and protection.


The manufacturing process of paper corner protectors usually involves steps such as cutting, forming, pressing, gluing, etc., so that the raw materials can be made into the shape and size suitable for protecting the corners of the product.


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