paper corner materials

What are the materials of paper corner protectors?

August 30, 2023

Paper corner protector is a kind of packaging material used to protect the corners of products during transportation and storage. It can be manufactured using many different types of paper materials. Here are some common paper corner protector materials:


1. Kraft paper (Kraft paper): Kraft paper is a tough paper that is often used to make corner guards. It can be fresh wood pulp paper or recycled pulp. Kraft paper generally has high strength and durability and is suitable for protecting heavy or fragile products.


2. Cardboard: Cardboard is a cardboard material that is thicker and harder than ordinary paper. It can provide higher support and protection when making corner guards. Jammed corner guards are often used where stronger structural support is desired.


3. Cardboard paper (Corrugated cardboard): Corrugated paperboard is composed of a middle layer of corrugated paper sandwiched between two layers of flat paper, forming a strong cardboard structure. Cardboard paper corner protectors generally have high compression and impact resistance and are suitable for products that require a greater degree of protection.


4. Gray Board: Gray board is a hard board made from compressed pulp or cardboard. It is commonly used when making corner guards that require higher structural support and strength.


5. Paper Honeycomb: Paper Honeycomb is a honeycomb structure made of paper, which has good strength and lightweight properties. Paper honeycomb panel corner protectors are usually suitable for light-duty products and can reduce the total weight of the package.


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