paper corner protector length

Common length of paper corner protector for cargo transportation

July 18, 2023

In cargo transportation, paper corner protectors are commonly used to secure and protect the corners of goods or palletized loads during shipping. The length of paper corner protectors for cargo transportation can vary based on the size and nature of the cargo, as well as the specific requirements of the shipping industry. However, there are some commonly used lengths for paper corner protectors in cargo transportation:


1. 1200mm (47 inches): This is a common length for paper corner protectors used in palletized loads. The 1200mm length is suitable for standard pallet sizes (e.g., Euro pallets or standard 48x40 inch pallets) and provides corner protection for the entire height of the palletized load.


2. 2400mm (94 inches): For taller or larger palletized loads, longer paper corner protectors may be used to ensure complete coverage and protection of the cargo. The 2400mm length is often employed for taller pallet loads or irregularly shaped cargo that requires extended corner support.


It's worth noting that these lengths are general guidelines and can be adjusted based on the specific requirements of the cargo and the preferences of the shipping company. Additionally, paper corner protectors can be cut or trimmed to fit the exact height or dimensions of the cargo, allowing for customization and a secure fit.


The appropriate length of paper corner protectors should provide sufficient coverage and support to protect the corners of the cargo from damage, particularly during the handling and stacking processes in cargo transportation.


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