Kraft paper corner protector

Kraft paper corner protector

October 09, 2023

Kraft paper corner protectors are a kind of packaging material used to package and protect items. They are usually used to prevent the corners of goods from being damaged or worn. Here is some information about kraft paper corner guards:


1. Material: Kraft paper corner protectors are usually made of kraft paper, which is a tough paper material with a certain strength. It effectively resists crushing and tearing.


2. Purpose: Kraft paper corner protectors are mainly used in packaging and transportation to protect the corners of goods from damage. These corner guards are typically placed at the corners of boxes or packages to prevent damage to the goods from pressure and impact during stacking or transportation.


3. Protective function: Kraft paper corner protectors can effectively disperse impact forces, prevent corners from being damaged, and prevent the packaging of goods from being squeezed or deformed. They can also help prevent friction and wear between goods.


4. Environmental protection: Kraft paper is a relatively environmentally friendly packaging material because it can usually be recycled, reused or degraded and has a relatively small impact on the environment.


5. Customization and size: Kraft paper corner guards can usually be customized as needed to accommodate packaging of different sizes and shapes. They can be angular, U-shaped or L-shaped, depending on the need.


In short, kraft paper corner protectors are a useful packaging material, especially suitable for situations where the corners of goods need to be protected to ensure that the goods remain intact during transportation and storage.


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