paper corner or plastic corner

Which is the most widely used paper corner protector or plastic corner protector

September 08, 2023

Paper corner protectors and plastic corner protectors each have different application areas, and which one is more widely used depends on specific uses and needs. Here are some of their main applications:


1. Paper corner protector:

     Packaging industry: Paper corner protectors are usually used for packaging items, such as cartons, cardboard, books, glass, etc., to protect the corners from damage or extrusion.

     Environmental considerations: Paper corner protectors are often more environmentally friendly than plastic corner protectors, as they are often biodegradable or easily recycled materials.

     Disposable use: Paper corner protectors are common in disposable packaging and shipping, especially for lightweight products.


2. Plastic corner protectors:

     Heavy-Duty Packaging: Plastic corner protectors are usually stronger and more durable, so they are suitable for packaging of heavy-duty products such as furniture, electrical appliances, mechanical equipment, etc.

     Wet Environments: Plastic corners are generally more resistant to water and moisture than paper corners and are therefore more common in packages in wet environments.

     Long-term protection: Plastic corner protectors can provide long-term protection, are not easy to be damaged, and are suitable for long-distance transportation and storage.


All things considered, plastic corner guards have advantages in heavy duty, wet environments, and long-term protection, so they are more widely used in these situations. However, in cases where environmental friendliness is required, or for disposable and lightweight packaging, paper corner protectors may be more suitable. The final selection should be considered based on specific packaging needs and environmental considerations. In addition, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection, some markets have begun to use degradable plastic corner protectors to reduce the impact on the environment.


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