paper corner

What is the material of the paper corner

June 28, 2023

1.The material used for paper corners, also known as corner protectors or edge protectors, is typically cardboard or paperboard. These are sturdy and rigid materials that provide structural support and protection to the corners of various products or packages during storage, handling, and transportation.


2.Cardboard corner protectors are usually made from recycled paper or cardboard fibers. They are formed by cutting, folding, and gluing the cardboard material into a corner shape. The thickness and strength of the cardboard can vary depending on the intended application and the weight or fragility of the item being protected.


3.Paperboard, which is a thicker and more rigid form of paper, is also commonly used for corner protectors. Paperboard is created by pressing together layers of paper pulp and is often used for packaging materials that require additional strength and rigidity.


4.Both cardboard and paperboard corner protectors are lightweight, cost-effective, and recyclable, making them popular choices for providing corner reinforcement and protection to items such as furniture, appliances, electronics, and various other packaged goods.


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