Paper Corner Protector

New Choices in Paper Corner Protectors: Folded vs. Locking

March 12, 2024

Recently, two new types of paper corner protectors have emerged on the market: folded paper corner protectors and locking paper corner protectors. These two products have garnered widespread attention for their distinct features in paper protection. Let's explore the differences between them.

Folded Paper Corner Protectors:

Folded paper corner protectors are a simple yet effective design aimed at safeguarding paper from damage. They work by folding the corners of the paper into a protective sleeve, typically made from soft but durable materials such as rubber or plastic. Users simply insert the corners of the paper into the protector and gently press to secure them. The advantage of this design lies in its simplicity and ease of use, requiring no additional operations or tools. It is suitable for most paper sizes and types, making it an economical choice.

Locking Paper Corner Protectors:

In contrast, locking paper corner protectors feature a more complex design. They are usually constructed from sturdy materials like metal or hard plastic and come with a special locking mechanism. Users insert the corners of the paper into the protector and then secure it tightly by rotating or pressing the locking mechanism. The advantage of this design is its enhanced security and reliability in protecting paper from external damage. Locking paper corner protectors are typically suitable for documents that require long-term storage or frequent transportation, such as contract papers or important documents.


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