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L-Shaped Cat Scratching Board Gains Popularity in Pet Market, Corrugated Paper Material Becomes New Favorite

July 11, 2024

  • Recently, a new type of L-shaped cat scratching board has garnered widespread attention in the pet market. Made from eco-friendly corrugated paper, this cat scratching board quickly won the favor of many cat owners due to its unique design and superior performance.

  • Unique Features of the L-Shaped Design

  • The standout feature of the L-shaped cat scratching board is its unique shape. Unlike traditional flat scratching boards, the L-shaped design offers both horizontal and vertical scratching surfaces, meeting the different height and angle scratching needs of cats. This design not only enhances the functionality of the scratching board but also increases the entertainment value and usage interest for cats.

  • Environmental and Durable Corrugated Paper Material

  • The L-shaped cat scratching board is made from corrugated paper, which boasts multiple advantages. Firstly, corrugated paper is an environmentally friendly material that can be recycled, reducing environmental pollution. Secondly, the structure of corrugated paper is sturdy, capable of withstanding prolonged scratching by cats without easily breaking, thus extending the scratching board's lifespan. Additionally, the unique texture of corrugated paper effectively helps cats sharpen their claws, maintaining their paw health.

  • User Feedback and Market Outlook

  • Many cat owners who have used the L-shaped cat scratching board have reported that the innovative design not only attracts their cats to use it for extended periods but also effectively prevents damage to furniture. A pet store owner mentioned that since introducing the L-shaped cat scratching board, sales have significantly increased, and customer feedback has been very positive, indicating strong market approval for this product.

  • Conclusion

  • The L-shaped cat scratching board, with its unique design and high-quality corrugated paper material, provides cats with a more diverse and lasting scratching experience. At the same time, this eco-friendly and durable material has made it a new favorite in the pet market. As more cat owners become aware of the advantages of this product, the L-shaped cat scratching board is poised to capture an even larger market share in the future.


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