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Production of kraft paper corner protectors

August 30, 2023

Kraft paper corner protector is a kind of packaging material used to protect the corners of products during transportation and storage. The following is the general production process of kraft paper corner protectors:


1. Raw material preparation: The key raw material for making kraft paper corner protectors is kraft paper, which is a relatively tough paper. Kraft paper can be fresh, recycled, or a mix of both. Additionally, glue or adhesives may be required.


2. Paper processing:

    - Soaking: Kraft paper is usually soaked in water to make it soft and easy to process.

    - Cutting: Soft kraft paper is cut to the right size and shape to make the molds for the corner guards.


3. Gluing:

    - Gluing: Cut pieces of kraft paper are usually coated with glue or adhesive where corner protection is required.

    - Folding and pressing: Kraft paper is folded into the shape of corner guards and then fixed with pressure so that it forms a strong structure.


4. Drying and curing: The finished kraft paper corner protectors are placed in a dry area to ensure that the glue or adhesive is fully cured.


5. Quality inspection: The kraft paper corner protectors will be quality inspected to ensure that the quality and specifications of each corner protector meet the requirements.


6. Packaging and Distribution: Finished kraft corner protectors may be collated, packaged, and ready for distribution to customers or points of use in the supply chain.


It should be noted that the production process of kraft paper corner protectors may vary depending on the manufacturer, technical equipment and product specifications. In addition, environmental factors are gradually becoming an important consideration in the manufacturing process, and many manufacturers may adopt sustainable and environmentally friendly production methods.


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