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Innovative Pet Product: Corrugated Cardboard 2-in-1 Lounge-Shaped Cat Scratcher Unveiled

June 14, 2024

  • Recently, the pet supplies market has welcomed a highly anticipated new product: a corrugated cardboard 2-in-1 lounge-shaped cat scratcher. This cat scratcher not only provides a comfortable resting place for cats but also features the scratching function that cats love. Its unique design and high-quality material have quickly made it a favorite among pet enthusiasts.

  • Advantage 1: Eco-Friendly Material, Safe and Healthy

  • The corrugated cardboard material of the cat scratcher is favored by environmentalists for its eco-friendly and recyclable characteristics. Corrugated cardboard is not only durable enough to withstand frequent scratching by cats but also free from harmful chemicals, ensuring no harm to the cats' health. Compared to traditional plastic and synthetic materials, this cat scratcher protects the cats' health while also contributing to environmental sustainability.

  • Advantage 2: Multi-Functional Design, Comfortable and Practical

  • The 2-in-1 design concept combines a cat scratcher and a lounge chair, allowing cats to scratch to their heart's content and enjoy a comfortable resting space when tired. Its lounge shape conforms to the cat's body curve, providing excellent support and comfort. Cats can nap, rest, and even play on it, fully meeting their various needs.

  • Advantage 3: Durable and Sturdy, Economical

  • The structural characteristics of corrugated cardboard give this cat scratcher high durability. Its multi-layer structure effectively disperses the force during scratching, extending its lifespan. Even strong-scratching cats can use it for a long time while maintaining good condition. Additionally, the corrugated cardboard cat scratcher is affordable, making it a top choice for many pet owners.

  • Advantage 4: Lightweight and Portable, Suitable for Various Environments

  • This cat scratcher is lightweight, making it easy to carry and move. Whether placed in any corner of the home or taken on trips with the cat, it can be easily placed and used. It is not only suitable for home environments but can also adapt to various usage scenarios, allowing cats to enjoy scratching and resting anytime, anywhere.


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