honeycomb paperboard thickness

Commonly used thickness of honeycomb paperboard

August 18, 2023

Honeycomb paperboard, also known as carton board, is a structure composed of multiple layers of paper. It has the characteristics of lightness and good strength. It is often used to make packaging boxes and protective materials. Its thickness is usually expressed by the number of layers of "corrugation", which refers to the wavy paper lines arranged in layers in a cardboard. The thickness and strength of honeycomb paperboard are usually related to the number and type of corrugations in it.


Common corrugated types of honeycomb paperboard include A tile, B tile, C tile, E tile, etc. The combination of different corrugated types can provide different strength and protection performance. For example, the A tile is thinner and suitable for light packaging; the B tile is relatively thick and suitable for general packaging; the C tile is thicker than the B tile and provides better cushioning performance; and the E tile is thicker and suitable for heavy or Packaging that requires higher protection.


Exact thickness varies by region, manufacturer and application. Here are some common honeycomb paperboard corrugation types and their approximate thickness ranges (for reference only):


A tile: about 2.5mm - 3mm

B tile: about 3mm - 3.5mm

C tile: about 4mm - 4.5mm

E tile: about 4.5mm - 5mm


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