honeycomb paper

Types of honeycomb paper

August 31, 2023

Honeycomb paper is a paper structure made up of many small hexagonal prism units, similar to the shape of a honeycomb, hence the name. It is lightweight, strong, and insulating, and is widely used in packaging, insulation, filtration, and other applications. Here are some common honeycomb paper types:


1. Honeycomb paperboard: Honeycomb paperboard is a board made of honeycomb paper sandwiched between two layers of paper. It has good strength and rigidity and is often used to make crates, boxes and protective packaging materials.


2. Heat-insulating honeycomb paper: Because the structure of honeycomb paper has heat-insulating properties, it is often used as a heat-insulating material, such as in the fields of construction and automobiles. This type of honeycomb paper can effectively reduce heat conduction and provide good heat insulation effect.


3. Filter honeycomb paper: Honeycomb paper can be used as filter material for separating and filtering different types of particles, gases or liquids. Its structure provides a large amount of pore space for applications requiring high efficiency filtration.


4. Decorative honeycomb paper: Some honeycomb papers are specially treated and can be used for interior decoration, such as making decorative wall panels, suspended ceilings and other decorative elements. These honeycomb papers usually have functions such as sound absorption and sound insulation.


5. Industrial honeycomb paper: In the industrial field, honeycomb paper can be used to package fragile items, reducing the impact of vibration and collision on items. It can also be used as a padding and filling material in industrial manufacturing.


6. Honeycomb paper for food packaging: some honeycomb paper is suitable for food packaging, such as fruit boxes, vegetable trays, etc. These papers generally meet food safety standards to keep food fresh and protected.


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