honeycomb paper

What is the raw material of honeycomb paper

September 01, 2023

Honeycomb paper, also known as honeycomb panel, is a lightweight, high-strength material with a honeycomb structure, usually made of the following two main raw materials:


1. Pulp: One of the main raw materials of honeycomb paper is pulp. This pulp is usually made from waste paper or wood pulp. Waste paper fibers are processed into a honeycomb structure through special processing methods such as soaking, stirring and extrusion. Pulp selection can be adjusted according to the end use and desired properties of the honeycomb paper to ensure the material has the desired strength and lightness.


2. Adhesives: In addition to pulp, the manufacturing process of honeycomb paper usually requires the use of adhesives to bond the pulp fibers together to form a honeycomb structure. The type of binder can vary and usually includes resins, starches, or other binders to ensure that the pulp sticks together and retains its shape.


The structural characteristics of honeycomb paper are determined by the honeycomb mold in its manufacturing process. During the manufacturing process of the honeycomb panel, the pulp coated with the adhesive is put into the mold, and then the honeycomb structure is made by extrusion and drying. This structure endows the honeycomb paper with light weight, high strength and shock absorption. characteristic. Honeycomb paper is widely used in various applications including packaging, thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, aerospace, automotive industry, etc. due to its superior performance and sustainable features.


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