honeycomb cardboard

What is honeycomb cardboard tissue?

October 24, 2023

Honeycomb paperboard liner is the outer covering of a honeycomb paperboard structure and is often used to provide the appearance and protection of paperboard. Honeycomb cardboard is composed of an intermediate layer with a honeycomb structure, which is usually made of honeycomb paper, and the tissue paper covers the outside of the honeycomb structure. Here is some important information about honeycomb paperboard tissue:


1. Material: Honeycomb cardboard tissue can be made of different types of paper, usually including kraft paper, cardboard, kraft cardboard, kraft paper, etc. The choice of tissue depends on the specific use, such as packaging, printing, display or other applications.


2. Appearance: The appearance of honeycomb paperboard paper usually has different colors, textures and glossiness. These features can be selected based on the needs of the product to meet a specific look and brand identity.


3. Protective: Tissue paper not only provides appearance, but also has a protective effect, protecting the honeycomb structure inside the honeycomb cardboard from physical damage, moisture, dirt and other environmental factors. This helps maintain the strength and performance of the honeycomb paperboard.


4. Printing and marking: Honeycomb cardboard top paper is generally suitable for printing and marking, so various patterns, texts and trademarks can be applied for packaging, advertising and other brand communication needs.


5. Customized sizes: Tissue paper is typically cut and customized to the needs of a specific application to ensure a perfect fit and meet product requirements.


In summary, the face paper of honeycomb paperboard is its outer layer that provides aesthetics and protection, making honeycomb paperboard suitable for a variety of uses, including packaging, displays, advertising and more. Selecting the appropriate tissue material and appearance can tailor the appearance and performance of honeycomb paperboard to specific needs.


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