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The difference between honeycomb cardboard and corrugated cardboard

August 14, 2023

Both honeycomb paperboard and corrugated paperboard are paper materials used in packaging, heat insulation, structure and other fields, but they have some differences in structure, performance and application. Here are the main differences between them:


1. Structure:

    Honeycomb Paperboard: Honeycomb paperboard consists of a series of honeycomb-like cells that resemble honeycombs, creating a lightweight structure. The honeycomb structure can provide excellent compressive strength and thermal insulation properties.

    Corrugated cardboard: Corrugated cardboard consists of layers of corrugated core paper and face paper. The corrugated medium is wavy and corrugated, creating a strong compression-resistant structure, while the face paper covers the corrugated medium.


2. Strength and durability:

    Honeycomb paperboard: Due to its honeycomb structure, honeycomb paperboard may be relatively poor in compressive strength and rigidity, but excels in heat insulation and light weight.

    Corrugated cardboard: The corrugated core paper of corrugated cardboard provides high compressive strength and rigidity, making it suitable for occasions that require higher strength, such as carrying items and transport packaging.


3. Thermal insulation:

    Honeycomb paperboard: The honeycomb structure of honeycomb paperboard has good thermal insulation performance and is suitable for applications that require thermal insulation, such as building insulation.

    Corrugated cardboard: Due to the corrugated structure of the corrugated medium, corrugated cardboard is generally inferior to honeycomb cardboard in terms of thermal insulation.


4. Weight:

    Honeycomb paperboard: Honeycomb paperboard is relatively light due to the characteristics of the honeycomb structure.

    Corrugated cardboard: Although corrugated cardboard's corrugated medium adds strength, it can be relatively heavy.


5. Application fields:

    Honeycomb paperboard: Due to its light weight and thermal insulation properties, honeycomb paperboard is often used in the fields of heat insulation, lightweight construction, packaging filling materials, etc.

    Corrugated board: Corrugated board is commonly used in various packaging boxes, cartons, shipping packages and other applications requiring compressive strength and protection.


In general, honeycomb paperboard and corrugated paperboard have different characteristics in terms of structure, performance and application, and are suitable for different occasions. When choosing, you need to weigh their advantages and disadvantages according to your actual needs.


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