Can paper corner protectors be used on rainy days

Can paper corner protectors be used on rainy days?

October 10, 2023

Paper corner guards are generally not suitable for use in rainy or humid environments because they are primarily made of cardboard or paper materials that do not offer good resistance to moisture. When paper corner protectors are exposed to rain or high humidity, they are prone to moisture, softening and deformation, thereby losing their function of protecting goods.


When transporting goods in humid environments, it is recommended to use waterproof, moisture-resistant corner protective materials, such as plastic or metal corner guards. These materials are less susceptible to moisture and provide better cargo protection, especially in rainy or humid conditions.


If you need to transport goods in rainy or humid conditions and need to use corner guards to protect the packaging, make sure to choose a corner guard material suitable for wet conditions to prevent the goods from getting wet or damaged. For special packaging needs, you can also consider using waterproof packaging materials and methods to ensure that the goods remain intact in wet conditions.


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