bending paper corner

The characteristics and application of bending paper corner protector

August 25, 2023

Bending paper corner, also known as folded paper corner or corner cardboard corner, is a kind of corner cardboard material used for packaging and protecting goods, and its characteristics are as follows:


1. Foldable design: Bending paper corner protectors can usually be folded into a flat state, making it take up less space when transporting and storing. This makes them easier to manage and transport.


2. Protect goods: Like traditional cardboard corner protectors, the main function of bent paper corner protectors is to protect the corners of goods and reduce damage during stacking, transportation and handling.


3. Strength and stability: The design of bent paper corner guards is usually calculated to provide sufficient strength and stability to ensure that the goods are properly supported during packaging and transportation.


4. Customizability: Manufacturers can usually customize the size, shape and specification of the bent paper corner protector according to the needs of customers to suit different packaging requirements.


5. Lightweight and easy to handle: Compared with traditional wood or plastic corner protectors, bent paper corner protectors are generally lighter and easier to handle, handle and apply.


6. Eco-Friendly: Many bent paper corner guards are made from recycled cardboard material, which helps reduce environmental impact and promotes sustainability.


7. Wide applicability: Bending paper corner protectors are suitable for various types and sizes of goods, from light products to heavy products, from box-like packaging to pallet packaging, etc.


8. Shockproof buffer: Similar to other paper corner protectors, bent paper corner protectors can also provide a certain buffering effect when the goods are impacted or vibrated, reducing the impact of vibration on the goods.


9. Affordable: Bent paper corner protectors are often an affordable packaging solution that can control packaging costs while protecting goods.


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