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Balancing Eco-Friendliness and Practicality: Corrugated Paper Round Cat Scratching Boards Become a Pet Owner's Favorite

June 24, 2024

  • Recently, a round cat scratching board made of corrugated paper has gained significant popularity in the pet market. As an eco-friendly, practical, and economical choice, this scratching board not only provides an ideal tool for cats to sharpen their claws but also becomes a new favorite among pet owners.

  • Corrugated paper is a material made from recycled paper, characterized by its lightweight yet sturdy structure. Using this material for cat scratching boards not only effectively reduces manufacturing costs but also boasts excellent environmental performance. The unique structure of corrugated paper gives the scratching board exceptional durability and a satisfying scratching feel, meeting cats' natural scratching needs and preventing furniture damage.

  • The design of this round cat scratching board is simple yet highly functional. Its circular shape is not only aesthetically pleasing but also easy to place in any corner of the home. When cats scratch, the corrugated paper material produces a slight friction sound, which is very attractive to cats, further increasing their interest in the scratching board. Additionally, the layered structure of corrugated paper offers multiple scratching surfaces, allowing for continued use even after some wear, thus extending the product's lifespan.

  • Consumers have generally given high marks to this type of scratching board. Many pet owners report that after using the corrugated paper scratching board, their furniture is noticeably better protected, and their cats' scratching behavior is well-directed. Moreover, the scratching board is cost-effective, alleviating concerns about the expense of frequent replacements.


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